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Updated: Jul 20

As a horseman, I learned many years ago, learn from someone who is better than you are, stick with that person until they have no further to offer you, then learn from your horse.

I'm not sure what it is about human nature, but we love to learn from whoever has something to teach, especially us horsey people. One of the things I have noticed as a horsemanship instructor over the past twenty years is that way too many people spend way too much time and money learning and not doing.

It's great that others are able and can afford to go to this clinician or that clinician and get something from each. The problem is that when you mix this and that, you get a mess. For example, take my focus on body position and how it affects our horses. Most riders have no idea how this works, and when they finally feel it, they are amazed at how simple it is to achieve.

The best horsemen/women I know spent the bulk of their learning time with one main source. They mastered that source to the best they could then went onto greater things within themselves and their horses.

So what I would want to say to everyone out there. Find that someone you connect with, study with them until you have mastered everything they have to offer, then move on. Until then, focus on yourself, your horse and your journey.

Enjoy The Ride.

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