Lockdown Therapy

I do believe it was around ten years ago when I started this young gelding. He belonged to a friend of mine, and I had started his dam as well. During these days of Covid-19 lockdowns here in the Auckland region of New Zealand, it gives us too much time to think about our past, present and future.

I have loved all the time I have spent with young horses, giving them a great start under saddle and a good future with humans. Take this horses, for example. He had a very natural way of handling by his owner before my starting him, so when it came time for me to do my thing, he understood what I was saying.

In this photo, you can see he is a bit humped up in the back, and that's not bad as it was the first time he had my saddle on. Believe it or not, I was on him and riding around this round yard not long after this photo. Not all horses allow you to be that progressive with them, but it is up to the horseman/woman to read the horse and understand when the opportunity presents itself.

Each week during our current lockdown, we have been having Zoom meetings talking about young/green horses. About respecting your space while on the ground and what to expect and look for during those first rides.

Join us next week as we continue with the topic and move into guiding your young horse from the saddle and learning how to keep them light and not heavy in your hands.

Enjoy The Ride

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