Groundhog Effect

Have you seen this movie Groundhog Day? Where each day you wake up is just like the last one, a do-over.

I have that experience with my horse Dodge of late. He is young and learning a new way of doing things with me. There have been many times I find that with horses, as they learn, it seems I have to start over again and again.

If you are experiencing this, don't worry, it is very common and just a way horses learn, this is why I believe one should teach a little and ride a lot. That is, when teaching your horse something new, do it for a short time, then ride without working on things.

Three days a week maintains what you have with your horse, 4-6 builds knowledge and fitness. Everyone needs time off, and so does your horse. So don't train them into the ground, teach with the idea that in a short time you will have everything connected.

So, every day I go out and spend time on what it is we have been focusing. A little bit here and a little bit there and plenty of patience give me that daily improvement.

The next time you are feeling stuck in the groundhog effect, remember this. Give it a week or two, and you will have change then enjoy the ride.

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