Colt Starting

Colt starting, what is it, and how does it work?

We that is Richelle Marsh and I are conducting a colt start/restart weekend next month, December 2020. It entails students bringing their horses, young, old or ones that need restarting and we help them to understand and go through the process of Colt Starting.

For many, this is a frightening concept, but when broken down into simple steps, we make it easy and not so scary.

You will see people starting young horses with all kinds of action going on, bucking, rearing and the like. Our goal is to relieve the horse owner of all this action by giving them the tools to required to make the process simple.

Three easy steps:

1. Accept the human

2. Accept the saddle

3. Accept the rider

While we will be going through this process, we shall stop just before Accept the Rider. That is for another time when the horse and their owner are more confident. And they have settled into their new relationship with the saddle.

In this photo, you see me with a 4-year-old warmblood gelding. I started his dam and found her to be one of the most incredible horse I have ever ridden. This photo shows us his version of bucking, not much there.

It all starts from the ground up. Preparing the horse for each step and allowing the horse to accept that step before moving to the next. It wasn't long after this photo, and I was riding the young horse.

For each horse, it is all about the start. With the right start, their future will be much brighter.

Join Richelle and I next month, bring a horse or just come to watch and learn.

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