Buck or Not To Buck, That Is The Question.

This young filly was three when I started her. She was a weanling purchased to raise for the yearling TB sale here in New Zealand. We gave her the nickname of Petal, as in a "gentle flower".

Petal never grew more to be more than 15hh but had some muscle to her for a thoroughbred. As you can see in the photo of her first ride there is some athleticism in her. Good thing I was a lot younger in those days and still enjoy the physical side of starting young horses.

Once she gave this first buck it was the one and only. In a few months, she turned into a very good moving horse. The problem was Petal was not mine and when we left the property I was training out of she had to stay.

I heard she went to a polo trainer and just laid down on them. LOL, that would be right. One smart horse, one not so talented trainer.

Not all horse are built the same, mentally or physically. Some buck as part of their makeup, some never buck at all. Others just don't understand what people want and just quit or lay down. And to many give in, go inside themselves and become zombies.

I have seen many zombie horses, they usually are very well-bred, and have been overtrained to the degree they just stop being individuals and become zombies. I have had the great pleasure of helping many zombie horses come back to the living who had great lives.

I would rather have a horse that gives me their thoughts by bucking during those first few rides, at least I know what they are thinking.

Whether you or someone else are starting your horse, remember that. Allow them to express themselves, allow them to buck, even encourage it so that when you are riding all that scary stuff is sorted.

These days I just can't do those first few rides anymore. But once those are behind the horse, I enjoy teaching them to become whatever they have the talents for.

Come join us for our Colt Start/Restart clinic next month and find out how simple getting the pre-riding portion can be.

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