What’s in a lifetime? For me, it’s 65 years of a wonderful life. The experiences I have accumulated bring me to where I am today. I started my experiences with horses as a very young child, riding ponies in Griffith Park, in Los Angeles, California. Then at five helping with the branding while living on an Angus cattle ranch in the hills north of LA. My fascination with horses continued all the way through my youth. It would take a long break until I was in my late 30’s before I returned to what my heart needed. A young paint colt came with two tickets to a Parelli clinic so I went. This was the beginning of a long journey that I am still on today, a natural approach to good horsemanship, a journey started in 1996, in Arizona. I became a high-level Parelli Natural Horsemanship instructor, colt starter, young horse handler and problem horse specialist. Ten years I preached the PNH program until it was time for me to fly under my own flag. I had been in New Zealand for many years by this time and enjoyed a good following, so I continued teaching throughout the North Island. I went from teaching groups to working primarily with problem horses. Horses that had found issues with humans. In this process, I found that us humans can destroy the spirit of a horse very quickly, and it takes patience and time to repair this. I took a break from horses then we moved into town for a while. So 6 years later while watching my wife Monique compete in the sport of Cowboy Challenge I got hooked. Here was a sport that was designed for all that I had learnt, all that I have taught. Plus a way to share, promote and give back for all I have inside me. I enjoy the sport of Cowboy Challenge and the greatest joy I get is watching those that I have helped find success is our sport.